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Passive Safety for Bikers

No one can say that a car driver’s life is more valuable than that of a motorcyclist, yet the safety of our roads is not reflective of this.

Biker-Mate, arguably ERS’ most renowned product, is an energy absorbing cushion for roadside objects, which was developed to reduce the risk of injury and death of motorcyclists on the highway. Biker-Mate will always reduce collision severity when fitted to dangerous roadside objects. Biker-Mate is:

Biker-Mate has proven capabilities as a life-saving product during rigorous tests, and provides a solution to the unsafe furnishings that are currently a problematic feature of our roads. Biker-Mate units have been installed at key accident blackspots in six UK counties, as well as in Australia, New Zealand and Norway. With an impact absorption rate of up to 68%, Biker-Mate could really mean the difference between life and death to a motorcyclist involved in a high speed collision.

Biker-Mate is distributed via a range of partners. We are currently recruiting a UK distributor, with GreenTown SRL distributing the system in Italy. GreenTown will also be distributing Biker-Mate in the following territories over the next twelve months:

Biker-Mate has been successfully tested under strict conditions with the test results confirmed by British Standards Institute (BSI). With the capacity for in-house testing, we offer the facilities to develop and test new products.