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MYMOSA (MotorcYcle and MOtorcylist Safety)

We are currently involved with the MYMOSA project, in which a consortium of specialist companies and technical institutes* share a common aim; to improve Motorcycle safety.

"The ambition of this project is to provide a significant contribution to the reduction of motor cycle fatalities and injuries on European roads: as a consequence of the proposed activities in this project a long-term reduction of at least 20% of injuries and fatalities of motorcyclists is foreseen."

The project also aims to jointly use and transfer expertise between leading organisations, and to educate an upcoming breed of researchers; these are the people who could lead the way, to develop safer systems for the future.

Our parent company is highly evolved in the areas of specialist energy absorption, and automotive safety. In this project we are specifically focussed on developing new concepts for advanced; better performing helmets and potentially other protective equipment. This uses a blend of our experience and technical approaches from R&D, mathematical analysis, to testing and advanced computer simulations e.g. FEA (finite element analysis). We are actively involved with industrial mentoring of a specialist researcher, and a key member in the technical evaluation and guidance on a range of research areas which include:

*Consortium Consists of