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ERS Testing Facilities

ERS have various testing facilities in order to provide the highest quality products to our customers.

We currently have two drop test towers which allow for small-scale component testing. This means that each component of a product goes through a rigorous testing process before it is used in any of our products.

During drop testing, products are dropped from a height of 8m, and the kinetic energy is measured and interpreted as it falls.

Intensive testing on all our adhesives is also carried out to ensure that our products are composed using strong and reliable adhesives, using our static test machine. This machine allows the integrity of the joints in our products to be measured.

Cellbond, ERS’ sister company, uses a wider range of test facilities on its products. Cellbond manufacture crash test dummies, crash test barriers and energy absorbers, and the following are used in their testing procedures.


Quasi-static testing can be conducted on four different test machines:

LR150K Lloyd Instruments, LR50K Lloyd Instruments, and the Instron Static Load Cell 100kN Model 3343.

These machines are used in a wide range of applications for vehicle occupant including: static crush strength, angle shear, peel, tensile, climbing drum and node bond strength of standard and chemically treated honeycomb structures. A typical application is that we statically test all honeycomb used in deformable crash test barriers as part of our conformity of production procedure and energy absorbers. It is further used for examining different energy absorbing applications for occupant and pedestrian protection.


The CTS Climatic chamber is used for temperature and cycle testing as well as humidity testing.

The space capacity is 50 litres and it has a microprocessor control and monitoring unit.

Prior to testing, the temperature of the sample can be altered in the range of -40C to +180C.

For further information on our testing facilities, please contact sales@euroroadsafety.com